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    Here at Whitmire Counseling and Supervision we offer a variety of therapy modalities which can be used to address each client’s individual needs. Most clients can benefit from learning coping skills, healthy communication and boundary setting while also incorporating healthy lifestyle choices into their daily lives. With those new skills and knowledge, a client can be on their way to daily improvements. By breaking down change into small obtainable goals, this all is very doable. (As a general rule I practice what I preach).

    While Whitmire Counseling and Supervision continues to grow, I only bring on other clinicians that have complementary styles and experiences. To support the growth that is needed in the mental health field, post-graduate Licensed Professional Counseling Associates as well as Masters Level Counseling Students from accredited graduate programs to obtain real life experience in the counseling profession alongside our more seasoned clinicians. This is extremely important to help service the growing needs in the mental health field, and it also allows us to provide therapy at a lower cost to you.

    Here at Whitmire Counseling and Supervision we stay up to date on all the exciting new trainings in the mental health field to address the needs of clients, which continues changing with our times.