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  • Intern

    Ashley Engler

    A Houston native, Ashley Engler is a graduate student at PennWest University, pursuing a dual Masters of Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy. While earning her degree, she works as the Program Coordinator for Arts in Medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center Children’s Cancer Hospital. In her near-decade career there, Ashley provides arts education and integration for hospitalized children and their families. Ashley believes that it is the greatest joy of her career to be able to share her craft with those she serves. 

    What is a counseling intern?

    An intern therapist is one who is still in the process of graduate school. They generally have taken most, if not all, of their classes and are ready to put their knowledge to use. Typically, these interns will have at least two different fully licensed therapists that act as a mentor and teacher for them during the process.

    As an intern, they receive a lot of supervision. This means there is a licensed professional (or two or more) who are regularly hearing about their work, witnessing their work, and providing feedback and suggestions. All of this and it allows us to offer more affordable therapy options.